For 43 million blind people, graphic information is hardly accessible.

You can make a difference.

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The lack of tactile graphics has a major impact on education, employment, mobility, participation and thus the independence of blind people.

The ProBlind Community creates a free, worldwide online database of tactile graphics.

11Kuchendiagramm, welches den Wert 4% veranschaulicht, Pie chart illustrating the value 4%

Currently, only about 4% of all learning graphics are translated for blind people.

"When my classmates work with a graphic, I'm the only one who cannot participate in the discussion."

This situation is the daily reality for blind people because only very little content is available for them. Support blind children in school by creating tactile graphics.

Your first tactile graphic could look like this.

With little effort and limited prior knowledge, any image can be transformed
so that it can be read with the fingertips and thus understood by blind people.

Any image ...

11Schulgrafik für Sehende, die den Aufbau eines Zahnes veranschaulicht. School graphic for sighted people illustrating the structure of a tooth.

... can be turned into a tactile graphic:

11Taktile Grafik, die den Aufbau eines Zahnes veranschaulicht. Tactile graphic illustrating the structure of a tooth.
Everyone can contribute.

Your graphics, texts and ideas make a big difference.
Your donation too.

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