Need help creating a graphic?

Create tactile graphics

PDF instruction

From creating the template to uploading it to the database: learn how to create graphics and upload them to the “Share” database.

Graphics program Inkscape

PDF instruction

Tactile graphics can be created quickly and easily with the free graphics program Inkscape. Get familiar with the program now.


Need help editing a graphic?

Make digital/physical graphics tactile.

PDF instruction

Do you have a physical graphic (e.g. thermoform) that should be supplemented by audiotactile explanations? Then read through these instructions.

You can translate graphics?

PDF instruction

Graphics can be easily cloned and automatically translated into another language. Read in the tutorial how the translation tool works.

Our video tutorial helps
you create tactile graphics

From creating the template to uploading it to the database:
Learn how to create graphics in a few steps and upload them to database “Share”.

You can get more help here:


ProBlind answers your questions.

Here you can find an overview with questions and answers about the club and the database “Share”.

Webinar or live demo

We explain how to create graphics.

Join live meetings with graphics experts and learn how easy it is to create tactile graphics.

Coming soon:
Did you find errors in a graphic?

Correct typo, translation, content, grammar, etc.

1. click “Report error” button
2. describe and send error
3. creator of the graphic will be notified


Coming soon:
Collaborate with others from the community

1. you can offer your help and sign up on a list
    sign up on a list
2. you can invite someone to work on your graphic

(e.g. as a native speaker, proofreader, expert….)